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    Welcome to Penguins Unbound !

    ( a Twin Cities Based Linux User Group)


    The next meeting is:


    July 26th, 2014 10AM - TBD

    Updated Meetings for 2014 are posted.  Please see future meeting ideas page to help provide the 2014 schedule.



    Penguins Unbound Members at

    The Nagios World Conference 2011

    nagios_conference_6200592571_f2eecf2c25_b.jpgI would like to Thank Nagios (and Ethan Galstand) for giving full access tickets to Penguins Unbound members to the Nagios World Conference North America 2011.

    The conference was a great time. The speakers were knowledgeable, and happy to share. The venue was nice. There was ample opportunity to talk with the presenters and other anttendees. And there was good food and entertainment. Thanks!

    I would suggest you look at Nagios for all your monitoring needs.

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